The Witching Hour

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baby japanese macaques, aslo known as snow monkeys, in the joshinetsu kogen national park. located in the valley of the yokoyu river in the northern part of nagano prefecture, the areas remains relatively free of humans thanks to heavy snowfalls, an elevation of 850 meters, and being accessible only via a narrow two kilometer footpath through the forest.

photos by (click pic) ben torodeoscar tarneberg, kiyo photography, stephano sityziakoichi kamoshidamarcosjra and patypatyapaty, tubasa-wingsdaisuke tashiro and masashi mochida

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Anonymous asked: What is the "grip of Se"


It’s when an INTJ or INFJ gets so stressed out that they do things resulting in them waking up with an empty bank account, hangover, and 6 people in their bed naked.